Dentists With Different Specialties

We know well that there are dentists with different specialties, it is important that you and I know so we can go quiet when visiting a dentist who specializes in the area we have our problem.  For example, we wouldn’t want to go to a dentist who specializes in children, if we are an adult.

Some of these areas include: oral surgery, periodontics, oral surgery, oral pathology, dental prosthesis (also called prosthodontics), forensic dentistry, etc.  Here are some of the specialties that dentists can develop:


Types of dentists

Orthodontist: when we need to “straighten” the teeth visit a dentist of this type. He or she is in charge of placing braces, retainer or other dental device to align the teeth.

Periodontist: when we have problems like inflammation of the gum tissue (gingivitis) or suffer from periodontitis (a gum disease) we deal with these specialists. These treat bone and gums hold the teeth in their correct location. Some applications for periodontists are grafts of bone and / or tissue when we have receding gums.

Oral surgeon: your name makes clear; they make surgeries and head area. These are able to make trades to realign the jaw, tooth extractions and wisdom teeth also can remove tumors of the neck and head, biopsies, among others.

Endodontist: those who are responsible for making ducts treatments (root) following surgical procedures level. In short: working with the nerves tooth.

Dentists: the name articulate and can perform almost any dental application whatever the age of the patient, such as: treatment root canals, crowns and / or bridges, fixing cavities, X-rays; however, occasionally, they also depend on the difficulty of oral problems.

I hope you have served this article for information about different types of dentists. I would also like to know how much you liked this information and what use will be given.