Dentist treatment for whitening trays

There are a variety of whitening products on the market today. Whitening trays and whitening strips is not as easy or as fast effective as bleaching in the dentist’s office with a special light or laser.


Bleaching trays were the first bleaching method available for use at home. A dentist will take a mold of the teeth patient and create a plastic tray. At home, the patient could put a bleaching gel, comprising 10 percent peroxide in the tray and then use the tray for a period of time each day for two to six weeks. Now, in a one-hour session, dentists can use a light treatment combined with a peroxide gel instantly whiten teeth. A third option is that the counter whitening strips.


Whitening in an office using a laser or light can cost anywhere from $ 299 to $ 650. A system tray whitening at home usually costs $ 100 to $ 400. Cost $ 20 to $ 100 whitening strips.


The quickest and simplest solution: spend the money and get the job done in an office, administered by a dentist. The teeth will be whiter in an hour.

How long do they last?

Whitening tends to last from one to seven years. Long-term results depend on the individual habits. Wine, coffee, tea and snuff products darken teeth, no matter what whitening system is used.


Whitening is considered safe, but some side effects may occur with light exercise method. They include gum irritation that may last a few days and a temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature and pressure.