Dental implant presentation and benefits

Although it is more expensive, a dental implant is often preferable to a bridge because it is more aesthetic, has a better life and better respects the remaining tissues. We propose you to discover the characteristics and the advantages of this technique in full expansion.

  • What is a dental implant?

When a tooth is missing, the dentist can place a crown or a tooth to pivot provided that there is still the root of the tooth. If there is no more root, you must create a new tooth by setting up a bridge or a dental implant.

The implant is a small 4mm diameter titanium screw that serves as an “artificial root” for a prosthesis to replace a missing tooth.

This process, which has been developing in France for about fifteen years, has the main advantage of not mutilating healthy teeth.

  • The laying technique

The dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone under local anesthesia.

Before surgery, the dentist often asks for a CT scan to check if the bone volume is sufficient to allow placement.

Then it takes about 3 months for this artificial root to integrate into the bone.

After this healing phase, a titanium abutment is screwed into the implant onto which a ceramic crown is fixed.

  • In which cases to use an implant?

The dental implant is indicated in all cases where a tooth is absent or must be extracted (looses of the tooth, broken tooth …).

This technique is also used when the upper lateral incisors or the premolars are absent, a genetic anomaly which concerns 4 to 5% of the population.

his method can be used to replace several missing teeth. It is indeed possible to insert several implants next to each other, which avoids the patient wearing a denture (often considered less comfortable and less aesthetic).

Today implants are even indicated in people who no longer have teeth.

  • Advantages

The dental implant has a longer life than a bridge since it lasts at least 15 years. Although it is expensive initially, it is cheaper in the long run.

Unlike bridge, it is not necessary with this method to anchor on other teeth, on both sides of the missing tooth. This avoids touching healthy teeth.

The installation technique, which continues to improve, has a success rate of 97%. It is recommended to contact a specialized dental surgeon, i.e. who has completed implant ology training in two years.

  • The price of a dental implant

It takes on average between $1200 and $1500 for the installation of the dental implant, plus $800 to $1500 for the laying of the crown.

Note: the Social Security reimburses the implant crowns up to 70% of $64.50, or $45.15. This management does not concern the surgical act of laying.