Dental care for children dental floss

Although brushing your teeth is a pivotal moment in your child’s dental care routine, flossing is just as important. Flossing helps remove food and plaque particles that accumulate between the teeth and the gum line, places where the toothbrush usually does not reach. It is necessary to incorporate the routine of flossing in children when the teeth begin to meet each other.

Establishing healthy habits from an early age is essential to have good dental care practices throughout life. Here are some tips to get your child to incorporate the use of dental floss as a fundamental part of oral care.

  • Create a progress calendar

Children love to have a visual reference of their achievements. A creative way to show the achievements of your child’s dental care routine is to create a calendar of progress. Create a calendar that you can hang on the wall of the bathroom and let your child place a sticker on it, every day after flossing. To make it an even more fun activity, offer a reward for completing a full month of stickers, such as a night out at the movies or allowing you to go to bed later.

  • Teach by example

The best way to emphasize the importance of flossing is to make sure that this activity is part of your daily routine of dental care. Flossing in front of your children helps emphasize the need to practice good oral hygiene habits.

Remember: the skills you incorporate into your child’s dental routine today set the foundation for your entire life.

  • Consider flossing options suitable for children

Most dentists recommend using a floss that measures 18 inches to properly clean your teeth. However, for smaller hands, this can sometimes be complicated. Flossing for children is an ideal way to start introducing your children to flossing, because, for their little hands, they are easier to use. Dental floss are available in different colors and styles.

  • Have fun

If you transform the task of flossing into a fun time, it can become a pleasant experience for your child. Make up a story about the evil bacteria that live in your mouth and the super hero dental floss that has come to save the world. This will make your child enjoy the moment, while concentrating on an important task.