Banishing the fear of the dentist

The fear of the dentist is, or at least has been, a myth that has been traveling from generation to generation. Fortunately, this fear has been decreasing in recent times, as the sector has increasingly professionalized, incorporating techniques and new technologies that have greatly improved treatments that were once feared by all or almost all those who came to dentist.

Something that has favored that fear has also decreased in recent years is the importance that has been given to prevention. The fact that society sees the dentist as a health professional who not only acts when there is a dental problem, but also to prevent it from occurring or going further, has improved the perception of the visit to the dentist.

However, there is still a large number of people who, either because of a bad experience, prejudice or inherited fear but not motivated, are afraid of the dentist. In these cases, in addition, there is usually also a greater delay in the visit to the dentist, which means that their dental problems are aggravated and the treatments are more painful or prolonged.

So, from these lines, we want to try to banish that old idea of ​​fear of the dentist by offering some tips that can help them change their perception by a new concept: a trustworthy dentist , close and friendly, willing to help and especially , determined to reduce your discomfort with effective and precise treatments.


  • It is important to trust your dentist. Choose the one you know and from whom you have good references. Talk to him, look for his confidence and his understanding, and know him well. Do not choose your dentist because it is the cheapest in the city. The cheap can be expensive.
  • Prevent before curing. Try to see the dentist for periodic check-ups, do not wait for a dental problem to appear to request an appointment.
  • The technical dental as well as technology adapted to dental treatments have come a long way in recent years in order to make treatments more effective, faster, more accurate and of course, just painful.
  • Try to attend your relaxed date. Normalize the visit and take it as something every day.