Causes of fear of the dentist

What would you do if you feel pain in a tooth? If you have cavities? A loose tooth? Or any other dental condition? With the most common answer that we assume we would find would be with “I would ask urgently with the dentist.” But in all cases it is not like that. Every day there are more people who fear the dentist. This begins as a feeling of fear ends up becoming a phobia that requires psychological treatments.

It is impossible not to ever visit the dentist, because sooner or later you will need your attention, whether due to an infection, gingivitis, dental problems (such as the loss of a tooth) or, simply, a cleaning of the mouth.

  • The pain

People think that dental treatments are very painful. Just think about the injections and the winch the fear invades them and does not allow them to reason, since it is not understood how by the fear of enduring a pain, they are already enduring a stronger one even that is caused by infection.

In addition, the pain of these treatments is not something so strong since several people undergo these treatments and yet nothing bad happens to them. On the contrary, they can eliminate the dental condition that is bothering them.

  • The experiences

It is true that after a bad experience nobody wants to go through the same situation again. And this is what happens to many people, as children maybe they had some unpleasant experience with the dentist. But this should not be an impediment to return again, since dentistry is advancing every day adding less and less painful treatments.

  • The shame

Yes, those people besides being afraid of the pain that can cause some dental treatment, they are ashamed to the dentist. They feel self-conscious about the dentist telling him what to do. Or to realize the poor condition of his mouth and are ashamed that the dentist noticed.

  • The chair of the dental room

One of the things that most disturbs the feelings of patients is feeling attached to the dental chair. This almost always happens to people who always want to have control of the situation and at this moment they realize that the one that controls is the dentist. This annoys them and causes them distrust.

  • The stories of others

There are always people who exaggerate when they tell their story at the dentist. You will always find someone to stop you on your way to the dental center to tell you about the pain you will feel. You should not pay attention, since they do not understand your fear of the dentist.

The same happens with jokes, in any junk of jokes and ridicule you will surely find many referrals to the subject of dentistry. Obviously they only do it for this reason, they aggravate the pain, you must understand that.