The dental care brush

Gentle brush instead of hard scrubber The most important tool for dental care is the toothbrush. This should have rounded plastic bristles, the brush head must not be too large, so that any place in the mouth can be reached. Helpful are – especially with limited motor skills – electric toothbrushes. If you have sensitive […] Read More

The gums during pregnancy

The gums of pregnant women are usually more inflamed and sensitive. In addition, high levels of the hormone progesterone cause the gums to react more to the bacterial plaque that accumulates in the teeth. It is also common, although much less than bleeding gums, that during pregnancy, appears in the gum a small bump. This […] Read More

Dental floss and brushing

To have good teeth, it is necessary to observe a good personal dental hygiene and to benefit from the care of your dentist. Dental floss Flossing removes plaque and bacteria that you cannot reach with your toothbrush. In fact, if you do not use dental flossing, you miss more than a third of the face […] Read More

Brushing your teeth is important

Oral hygiene is a set of practices that eliminate plaque that forms naturally and permanently on the surface of teeth. The removal of plaque prevents periodontal disease. Indeed, the bacteria are responsible for irritation of the gums (gingivitis), which become red, swollen, and bleed easily with brushing. This situation may degenerate into periodontitis resulting in […] Read More

Dental care for children dental floss

Although brushing your teeth is a pivotal moment in your child’s dental care routine, flossing is just as important. Flossing helps remove food and plaque particles that accumulate between the teeth and the gum line, places where the toothbrush usually does not reach. It is necessary to incorporate the routine of flossing in children when […] Read More

Dental hypersensitivity

Dental wear and loosening of teeth can cause exposure of tooth surfaces, where the nerve endings of the tooth are less protected. This exposure very often causes the hypersensitivity of hot teeth, cold, sweet, citrus acidity, brushing, pressure and touch. Attention to the enamel Attention to the enamel the first cause of dental hypersensitivity is […] Read More